10 Ways ADHDers and their Families Can Reduce Stress Now

rencontrer quelqu'un sur un site de rencontre It’s almost a known fact at this point – ADHD kids and their families are far more stressed than those without the label. Stress is a huge problem, and learning how to cope and reduce the amount you fight from day to day means a chance to restore just a bit of that peace you want. Here are some tips that can help.

  1. Your child is different. It’s okay to embrace that fact.
  2. Everyone in your family has to care for themselves. It has to become a priority, even for mom. Exercise is a must. Healthy meals can’t be ignored. Sleep has to be part of the schedule. Communication gets put on that list, too.
  3. It’s not just you! There are lots of other families facing your day to day crises. Find a support group, and stick with them.
  4. Your child’s education is important, and you have to advocate for him or her. If it becomes an issue, you may want to create a 504 so he or she is getting the assessments, services, and help necessary.
  5. Meltdowns happen. When they do, put your game face on, stay calm, and stick with your action plan.
  6. Everyone in a family system, even the extended family members, has needs. Keep them involved, but give them a bit of space now and then, too.
  7. Your child does have limitations. It’s okay to push him or her to work with those strengths and expand the boundaries, but recognize that there are limits.
  8. There’s a reason your child is told to take his or her medication at the same time each day. Create a schedule, stick to it, and keep a diary of any side effects you notice so you can discuss them with your doctor.
  9. There are times being the emotional cheerleader is a must. Recognize them and play your part.
  10. Any time your child does something amazing, write it down. Yeah, even the little stuff. When you’re having one of those rough days, or just an ordinary one, sit down with your child and your list. It will help him or her feel empowered and provide that much-needed self-esteem boost.

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