Family Conflict May Lead to Alcohol Abuse in Adolescents

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Continued A recent Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs report suggested that kids who experience more family conflict may be at greater risk for alcohol abuse. Given the fact that heavy alcohol use in adolescents becomes a predictor of accidents, injuries, sexual assault in girls, and even drug use, understanding how to prevent it is a must.

Adolescent Alcohol Abuse Study From the time they were 12 until the time they were 14, 886 boys and girls were continually evaluated by researchers. Family conflict, depression, and the amount of alcohol consumed were all part of the assessment at each age. Researchers learned that family conflict predicts depression. Depression then predicts drinking, particularly in girls.

Understanding The Divorce Factor There is no greater risk factor for family conflict than divorce. Keeping an eye on adolescents during this time is a must, because depression is an easy path to find. They must not only know that they can overcome depression, but also learn that alcohol is not the answer to the problem. There are many ways to do just that, whether it’s family intervention or educational presentations at school.

hop over to here While learning more about the role family conflict can play is certainly important, it’s also essential to note there are many other predictors of alcohol abuse, including a history of trauma and exploitation. The key is getting help for kids in any of those situations.

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