About Wellington Retreat

Our Mission at Wellington Retreat

try this web-site Our mission at Wellington is to help you get better, and we realize that’s just not possible without family-focused treatment and education. We know that working together is the only way to make serious progress over the course of treatment. Our entire program is based around the idea that the more education, support, and positive coping strategies the entire family learns, the higher the overall chances of success.


Support and Hope – Cornerstones of Our Wellington Retreat Family Program

blog The impact psychiatric and addictive diseases have on an entire family system is massive. At Wellington Retreat, we’re here to offer you support and hope at all levels of treatment. So many family members tell us the weeks leading up to treatment are the tipping point in terms of anxiety, fear, anger, and stress. It’s easy to lose focus on yourself when you have to care for a loved one with an addiction or psychiatric problem. We’ve watched other families struggle with the same issues you’re facing, so we’ve developed a number of ways to offer you the encouragement you need through this difficult life change, including our Family Weekends.

Learning to Change with Wellington Retreat

kansas hookup sites All of our family weekend programs are designed to help you learn more about addiction and psychiatric disorders. Through guest speakers that discuss the various aspects of addiction, mental illness, recovery, and Q and A sessions with our treatment team, you’ll get the latest information about our evidence-based treatments. It’s a safe, comfortable place to share your own feelings and fears and connect with other families so you see that you’re truly not alone. We work to help you understand the brain and the process of addiction, the impact it can have on families, the treatment process, 12-step programs, communication, and trust, as well has how to restore both, and how to support that positive, clean, sober lifestyle you want your family member to enjoy. In addition to our weekend sessions, we also host a support group for loved ones of current and former patients. It’s part of the continuum of support we know is a must before, during, and after treatment. If you have questions or wish to connect with us further, please take the time to contact us today.