Create a Simpler Holiday

i loved this Ask anyone to tell you about a stressful occasion, and the holidays will instantly enter the conversation. While they’re supposed to be a time of magic and wonder, they’re usually a time of stress and frustration instead. Wondering how to turn that around this year? These tips can help. Stay In the Moment: Remember that this is the time of year when it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you focus… Read more Leave a comment

Family Conflict May Lead to Alcohol Abuse in Adolescents

my link A recent Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs report suggested that kids who experience more family conflict may be at greater risk for alcohol abuse. Given the fact that heavy alcohol use in adolescents becomes a predictor of accidents, injuries, sexual assault in girls, and even drug use, understanding how to prevent it is a must. Adolescent Alcohol Abuse Study From the time they were 12 until the time…

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5 Ways to Keep Substance Abuse Out of Your Holiday Equation There is perhaps no more difficult time of year for many families than the holidays. From that last Thursday in November that marks Thanksgiving for so many right up until New Year’s Day, it seems the holidays are a nightmare for everyone, and no one feels this more acutely than those who suffer from substance abuse problems. After all, what better defines the holidays than sweeping it all under the…

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Is ADHD Real? A Damaging Debate

A recent New York Times article has defined an almost national debate that should concern doctors, ADHD patients, and their families alike. Writer Alan Schwartz penned the article titled “Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptions,” which examined the staggering number of ADHD diagnoses, the quick ability to obtain prescriptions for those medications, and the chance so many see to fake this condition and misuse the medication. At the heart of…

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6 Ways You Can Help Your Child Become a Better Smartphone User

Thinking of giving your child a smartphone? You’re not alone. Statistics suggest 20 percent of third graders have phones and by the time kids get to middle school, 83 percent have them. The simple reality is that if your child doesn’t have a phone, you’re probably in the minority. Phone ownership, though, isn’t that simple. After all, a smartphone means internet access all of the time, a chance to text…

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10 Ways ADHDers and their Families Can Reduce Stress Now

It’s almost a known fact at this point – ADHD kids and their families are far more stressed than those without the label. Stress is a huge problem, and learning how to cope and reduce the amount you fight from day to day means a chance to restore just a bit of that peace you want. Here are some tips that can help. Your child is different. It’s okay to…

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Children With OCD Benefit More From Family Based Therapy

New research from Rhode Island’s Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center suggests that family based CBT, or Cognitive Behavior Therapy, shows real results to those children suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, also known as OCD. The study focused on children with ages ranging from five to eight because it’s already been proven to be helpful in older children and adolescents. Traditional treatment for kids in this age group is the watch-and-wait approach,…

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