Is ADHD Real? A Damaging Debate

free dating site in america without credit card A recent New York Times article has defined an almost national debate that should concern doctors, ADHD patients, and their families alike. Writer Alan Schwartz penned the article titled “Drowned in a Stream of Prescriptions,” which examined the staggering number of ADHD diagnoses, the quick ability to obtain prescriptions for those medications, and the chance so many see to fake this condition and misuse the medication. At the heart of…

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10 Ways ADHDers and their Families Can Reduce Stress Now

see this page It’s almost a known fact at this point – ADHD kids and their families are far more stressed than those without the label. Stress is a huge problem, and learning how to cope and reduce the amount you fight from day to day means a chance to restore just a bit of that peace you want. Here are some tips that can help. Your child is different. It’s okay to…

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